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Throughout my twenty year career in organizational development, I’ve helped hundreds of leadership teams figure out what the boulder is that is stopping them and standing in the way of their organization being the best it can be. I’ve led initiatives to drive cultural change, organizational re-structuring and transformation, organizational design, team effectiveness, process improvement and team facilitation across a global organization. 

jay-group.jpgAs Senior Vice President of Organizational Development at Thomson Reuters, I orchestrated the global integration of two unique cultures when The Thomson Corporation acquired Reuters in 2008, transformed the HR and finance functions at Thomson in the mid-2000’s to drive greater efficiency and impact, and supported the cultural transformation and reorganization of 150 newspapers across North America in the 1990’s. 

Now, as an independent consultant, I have the experience to guide leadership teams through transformation to a realm of new possibility and align teams in ways never done before at their organizations. I look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and your leadership team to engage a broad segment of the employee base, and build internal capability for ongoing change that will drive positive results in today’s ever-changing global marketplace.   

Speaking Engagements

Correctly setting the stage for a major transformation within an entire organization, a business unit, or a functional area, involves opening peoples’ minds to a new realm of possibility. As a dynamic and engaging presenter, I am often brought in at the beginning of these efforts to show what others have done, the value of the effort, and the possibilities for positive impact within their own organizations. I encourage you to view this sample of a recent presentation and consider how I might set the stage for your next transformation initiative.  

Setting the Stage for Successful Transformation

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