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Case Studies

Team-Oriented Work

When the leader of a new global branding and marketing team needed to drive collaboration and teamwork across her newly assembled team quickly. Initial confusion about roles and responsibilities as well as different styles were slowing down the team's effectiveness and starting to confuse internal customers. Before things were too far along, the leader brought the team together for two days to better understand the underlying causes of conflict.

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Organization-focused Work

Successful implementations of a global financial system along with a global shared service transaction environment are rare. Here is one.

The vision of a common financial system along with a transaction environment that took advantage of regional processing centers and a global center in India is what launched Finance + at the Thomson Corporation, now Thomson Reuters. The change agenda was critical and challenging. This is the story of how transformation was managed globally in the 2-year program that simplified financial processing and standardized operations across what became a $17 billion dollar enterprise.

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