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Leading an organization that has developed the internal capability to face the truth about where it is and where it could be, and uses its “muscles” to drive change and improvement across its structures is the dream of perfection for most leaders, and the greatest fear of most competitors. 

My services are designed to help leadership teams reap these benefits. Engagements will normally involve a mix of working directly with the chief executive and his or her management team, designing and facilitating meetings, training internal facilitators and team members, speaking at key events, and coaching. This listing of services should not be considered as a menu to choose from, but as a set of applications that, in light of client needs, are combined to form a customized solution.

For Organizations

Every organization is different, so coming in with a pre-conceived model will not work. I know how transformation works and how it doesn’t work, so I will work with your organization to find what you are good at, and what you aren’t so good at. Within the framework of these organization-based services, we will work together to create a customized model for how your organization needs to transform. 

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For Teams 

Two things really help organizations stay on track; clarity of roles, and turning conflicting personal styles into constructive relationships. These two objectives can be accomplished through facilitated feedback and discussion, coupled with close examination of overall goals and individual accountabilities. With the support and objective guidance of an experienced third-party partner, your organization will enhance team effectiveness and develop more clearly understood and agreed upon accountability and performance mandates.  

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